Extend bottom time, shorten decompression time and reduce the effects of narcosis with Nitrox. Now available at the lodge and on our liveaboard.

Air: $12 per 12l tank

Air: $15 per 15l tank

Nitrox: $18 per 12l tank

Nitrox: $22 per 15l tank

Safety: Please show Nitrox or Advanced Nitrox certification. Please note that your tanks will not be filled if they are out-of-test or you cannot show certification. To avoid disappointment, please check your tanks are in-test. Tanks must be O2 clean if filling over 40% (for technical divers and rebreather divers). You are responsible for analysing your own tank. Fill in the log book and note down your MOD on your tank.

Merchandise: Get your own Northland Dive Nitrox sticker for your tank.

Payment options: Cash or eftpos available.

Rental: Alternatively, you can rent tanks from us. Please call ahead to check availability and book your tanks.

  • Air Dive Tank-12l  $20
  • Air Dive Tank-15l  $25
  • Nitrox 32% Dive Tank-12l $25
  • Nitrox 32% Dive Tank-15l $30
  • Air-Sling Tank $10

Hours: For public drop-off are at Northland Dive between 7.30-8.30am, 4-9pm.


Air: Included
Nitrox: Additional $25/day

Availability: Nitrox and Air fills are available on our liveaboard. Sun Spy is the only liveaboard in New Zealand to provide Nitrox fills.

Onboard filling: A custom-built tank rack and filling station layout means that tanks can be filled from the tank rack and there is reduced noise as the compressor lies below deck.

O2 clean: Tanks do not have to be O2-cleaned for Nitrox fills below 40%. We are able to fill over 40% for technical divers / Rebreather divers.

Safety: Nitrox or Advanced Nitrox certification is required for Nitrox fills. All tanks must be in-test and O2 clean if filling with over 40% oxygen.

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